Milestones, Madness & Goodbyes


On July 27th, Frava stepped up to the plate at Citi Field and sponsored a major league event in LivingSocial’s Glow in the Dark 5k Dance Party. With four thousand bottles being given out in half an hour, Frava was a home run with the  twelve thousand person crowd. Runners and partyers alike wasted no time in getting their #Fravafix!

DSC00328 IMG_1184

Running is just one of the sports Frava has dominated this summer. At the War at the Shore lacrosse tournament, Team Frava swept the competition açaide. When asked what their secret was, the lax-rat formerly known as Conor Murphy replied, “We keep everyone on the team amped with a strict regiment of  at least three Fravas a day. It’s like watching ‘Rudy’ and ‘Rocky IV’ but in liquid form.”


Lax on, Lax off. Frava all day.

Along with LivingSocial, Frava has also recently partnered with the Sumeria Group as well as VoyVoy Clothing. The two companies are incredibly innovative and socially conscious, as well as spearheaded by young entrepreneurs. We are very excited to collaborate with both companies on everything from charity events to e-commerce.

As a result of being well ahead of our sales schedule, we’re excited to announce that we went to production much sooner than anticipated.  FravaNation will be even more excited to hear that we took your feedback to heart and opted to change to our packaging. More specifically, Frava, a company of the people, by the people, and for the people has taken the ‘wrap below the cap’, which in theory, will make the bottle significantly easier to open.  Never again will you struggle to open everyone’s favorite naturally caffeinated fruit juice, and with the impending school year in mind, you’ll be able to drink juice differently faster than ever before.

After ten weeks jam-packed with a delicious combination of hard work and good old  fashioned fun, we said goodbye to our summer interns. Their departure was a truly heartfelt moment: For the first time in Frava history, CEO Evan Berman gave his underlings permission to cry. Not surprisingly, his interns took full advantage. In the words of Amy ‘Just Schu It’ Schuler, “The memory of this summer will be with me for the rest of my life. Just taste my tears, they’re naturally caffeinated!!”


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No Sign of Slowing Down

What a busy month it has been for team Frava. Since our last post, the Team Frava has held over 100 samplings and opened 75 new accounts across the city, New Jersey, and Long Island. Even more impressive however, is the team’s success in guerilla marketing. From the mouth of the CEO himself: “If you don’t think you could get in trouble, you’re doing something wrong.” With these words in mind, the intern team has brainstormed tons of guerilla marketing strategies to drive the people of New York City absolutely bananas.


Our own Jason “Derulo” Zhou and Andrew Weinstein got in line for Soho’s famous Cronuts at the crack of dawn and gave out Frava to everyone they could find. Not only did their hard work give them a chance to feast upon the iconic croissant-doughnut hybrid, they also earned Frava a shoutout in the Wall Street Journal #snacksand$tacks!


In a devastating setback to Frava’s sales team, Scotty “Samples” Goldman broke his ankle competing in the Frava sponsored Rock Solid Mud Run. While Scottie Samples was down, he was not out. Even on crutches, he singlehandedly held fourteen Frava samplings on Long Island in one week, and he did it all without one complaint!



The past two Saturdays Frava has sponsored the Color Run and Color Mob, two 5K runs/dance parties at Aviator Sports and Events Center, and was awarded the MVB (most valuable beverage) on both occasions (better luck next time, Sparkling Ice and Honest Ade). With dunkaroos and water guns complimenting our ice cold product, team Frava simply knew how to beat the heat.


Not only does Team Frava keep it cool during the day, but we get the party hot at night. We recently sponsored parties with both Grouper and, and there’s no denying that Frava is beginning to take New York City nightlife by storm.


So whether Frava is working hard or playing hard keep a look out for your favorite naturally caffeinated juice drink. That’s all for now!


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Keep Calm and Blog On

The new Frava interns have had a busy and exciting week, and in a shocking twist, Alex has agreed to give us access to the blog in order to write about it.

To kick things off, Frava sponsored the 9th Annual S.L.E Night of the Fight Against Lupus on Tuesday at Hudson Terrace, one of NYC’s trendiest venues. We were an active sponsor at the event (would you expect anything less?), holding down our own table and mixing Frava-infused cocktails at the bar. Hundreds of guests were in attendance, many of whom took home bottles of free Frava to help with their potentially rough mornings after too many Frava-ritas. The event was a live-auction with donations from Michael Kors, Nike, Kiehl’s, Estee Lauder, Marriott and many more. Evan bid on an all-expenses paid trip to Fiji but was disqualified when he attempted to pay in bitcoin. Despite this minor setback, spirits remained high as Frava kept guests on the dance floor and DJ Sabri spun all night long. The interns (all 21 of course) even got to indulge in the open bar, leading one of them to forget his phone in the Frava van on the ride home.




The interns also participated in a city-wide scavenger hunt. For Team Peach Mango, the day started out in utter turmoil as one team member showed up at the wrong location. Several hours of confusion later, the hunt began. Some tasks included persuading an energy-drinker to switch to Frava, having trendy New Yorkers pose with bottles, snapping Frava at popular city landmarks, and quenching the thirst of NYC street dancers! Look out for Frava on your subway commute!

Starving artists love Frava

Starving artists love Frava

Another thrilling opportunity was the route-ride experience with Drink King Distributing. Each intern showed up bright and early at the Brooklyn warehouse and was paired with a Drink King driver for the day. The drivers were very enthusiastic to have some company and the interns all received an education on what it really takes to get Frava on the shelves in your local bodegas. Each intern hit 20 different stores and created lasting friendships along the way. Alex Kahn and Drink King salesman “Brooklyn Steve” even made plans to attend a Yankees game together, and one store-owner was so pleased with the success of Frava in her store that she offered an intern a free burrito! “It melted in my mouth,” recalled intern Brady Plastaras in his post-game interview.

Work when you can. Sleep when you can't.

Work when you can. Sleep when you can’t.

That’s it for now; feel free to chime in to let us know how we did in our inaugural blog post!

~ Molly FA

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What Isn’t New?

New gear got the boys excited for what promises to be a big summer!


The intellectual and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Long Island City received a much needed boost last week as 18 of America’s brightest, most attractive, and ambitious undergraduates gathered at Frava HQ for the start of our summer internship program. After checking their egos at the door, we embarked on the first week of orientation, which consisted of introductions to manufacturing, distribution and marketing. As a side note, I don’t know if any of us will ever get used to seeing people take notes when we’re speaking.

Some of the more photogenic interns we've ever had..

By the end of the end of the week, every intern had tried their hand at sampling and not surprisingly, every intern had a story to tell. Andrew Weinstein (Washington, DC) had to explain to a middle aged woman that while Frava is an incredible mixer, it would be illegal for her to come back to the sampling table with her own tequila to try for herself. Similarly, after assuring a morbidly obese patron that Frava was low in sugar, Sebastian Sagramoso (San Juan, PR) had the unfortunate experience of witnessing the man lift up his shirt to display his insulin pump.

While it took a few days, I’m happy to report that Sebastian has since regained all cognitive function. In other news, Scotty Goldman likely earned Sampler of the Week (SotW) as he not only bestowed incredible amounts of knowledge on our interns, but also sold three different retailers out of product over a four day span.

On the biz dev side of things, we’re incredibly excited about Frava now being available at the NYC offices of Facebook and Yahoo (thanks Vistar!). Just as exciting was the introduction we received to John Bello, the founder of SoBe, who promptly invited (or challenged) us to see how we’d do at Sobe’s first ever account, Rockridge Deli in Rye, NY. Resident mixologist, Juliet Tierney, and I set out for Rockridge on Saturday morning and while this was Frava’s foray into Westchester, you would never have guessed given that Frava outsold every all other beverages combined.

Alex at the historic Rockridge Deli in Rye, NY

It was an honor and a privilege to host Adam Rosenfeld, co-founder of Zenify (the live stress free drink) last week. Adam has a great product (thankfully it doesn’t compete with Frava), a great team, is signed with Drink King Distributing and and uses many words that we have never heard before. It is because of the first three statements, however, that we’ve been able to solidify a partnership with Adam and his left-coast based team and as usual, his visit came with good food, laughs, plenty of meetings, and even more words that we’ve never heard of. We look forward to seeing him and Zenify co-founder, Brian Liu (former chairman and founder of next week at the Healthy Beverage Expo in Las Vegas.

Zenify co-founder, Adam Rosenfeld, with some of his interns.

Zenify co-founder, Adam Rosenfeld, with some of his interns.

After a long and fruitful week, we took everyone bowling and it only took 10 minutes for our CGO (Chief Gambling Officer), Howie, to start betting on our “friendly” outing. While several of the interns had the audacity to beat their bosses, there were a select few (Chelsea, Molly, & Amy) who displayed great humility in rolling under a 70, thereby allowing Connor not to finish in last place. We got a big week ahead of us and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop. Until then, drink juice differently.


Memorial Day photo contest winner!


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Frava Nation,

We want to give a shout out to our alma mater, Colgate University. We introduced Frava to the campus for the first time in early April, and in just one month we sold over 70 cases!  For a school of 2,800 kids, that’s pretty absurd. We greatly appreciate the support from our fellow Raiders, and we want to extend our congratulations to the Class of 2013. Hope our sweet nectar helped in the last round of finals!

All the Frava consumed by Frava intern, Mark Chu and his roommates during Finals Week at NYU.

All the Frava consumed by Frava intern, Mark Chu and his roommates during Finals Week at NYU.


We also reached a distribution agreement with Vistar. This is a great next step as we look to steadily increase our availability to all of our loyal customers. They service movie theaters, corporate markets, and hotels, so be on the lookout for some Frava as you soak in upcoming classics like Fast Six.

Scotty "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" Goldman, won't let a little rain stop him from selling in the Hamptons!

Scotty “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Goldman, won’t let a little rain stop him from selling in the Hamptons!

In our continual quest to better understand brand building, we attended The Next Great Consumer Brand Conference at Nasdaq’s HQ in Time Square.  We got the chance to see presentations from some cool up and coming companies (special shout out to Karmaloop, where Alex got his start in the business world as a 12 year old brand ambassador). Of course, we weren’t content to be passive observes—you probably know that’s not our style by now. We provided 20 cases of Frava for everyone in the audience, and the head of the conference loved it so much that he gave us multiple shout outs in his closing speech! He may have been in an especially good mood after crushing 3 Fravas and a Frava Colada, but we’ll take it!

The Bermanator and Alex doing their thing at Nasdaq. Photo credit: C Feuille

The Bermanator and Alex doing their thing at Nasdaq. Photo credit: C Feuille

Finally, as we prepare to for the summer months, we’re happy to announce the addition of our inaugural class of summer interns! We’ll be bringing on 18 bright and driven college students, 12 of whom attend Colgate. They will help us grow in a number of ways, especially with regard to event planning, digital marketing, and social media. Equally as important, they’ll be getting a tremendous summer learning experience as they learn a start-up business from the ground up. We couldn’t be more excited with the candidates we’ve selected, and are ready to welcome them next week!


~Feuille Sauce

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Totally Forgot We Had A Blog

Ok, we didn’t forget we had a blog–We’ve just been bogged down the past couple weeks (what else is new?) and have failed to keep you in the loop. Ironically, this has been Frava’s most successful month to date.

For starters, we signed a major distribution deal. In the past, we had largely been servicing accounts on our own. It didn’t take long to realize that self-distribution was as difficult an undertaking as it was time consuming. We learned a ton in the process and our experience on the street-level actually garnered us a tremendous amount of respect from the distributors we met with. The decision was a stressful one but it was awesome to know that multiple distributors wanted to bring us on board. Ultimately, our decision to sign with Drink King was based on the fact that we trusted them both as people and as professionals. The company is comprised of good people and we knew that as long as we held up our end of the deal (making sure Frava flies off the shelf), that they would do right by us. It didn’t hurt that we could see ourselves tailgating at a Jets game with them. In less than two weeks, the “Kings of Drink” have brought Frava into nearly 400 accounts from NYC to Atlantic City and we expect to reach 1000 accounts in the next month or so. The Frava Finder should be updated in the next few days so if you live in New York City, Long Island, or Jersey, be sure to make use of it.

Sammy J representing Frava at Drink King's Brooklyn Warehouse

Sammy J representing Frava at Drink King’s Brooklyn Warehouse

On an unrelated note, Evan and I went back to our alma mater, Colgate University, for Entrepreneur Weekend. It was truly a special weekend and we were fortunate to meet with some terrific people. At the top of this list was Chobani Yogurt founder and CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya. Essentially everything he said resonated with us in some way. It was awesome to hear him talk about packing his trucks full of yogurt, doing things his own way and taking on (and ultimately kicking the a$$es of) the titans of the yogurt industry. Interestingly enough, he stressed how important it was to appreciate “the journey”. While he’s as genuine of a person you will ever meet, certain things are just easier to say once you are a billionaire. Hamdi also encouraged us to take advantage of the fact that as a “start up”, we are far more nimble and hungry than the large companies we are competing against. Amen to that.

Speaking of determination, we took full advantage of our time at Colgate and are pleased to announce that Frava is now sold on campus. The University’s convenient store has gone through nearly 30 cases in 2 weeks and there were numerous times during our visit that students tried to get free Frava by darting in front of the moving Frava truck. I’m not sure which development was more encouraging.

Alex with his doppleganger and Colgate President, Jeffrey Herbst

Alex with his doppleganger and Colgate President, Jeffrey Herbst

In other news, Scott Goldman continues to crush it. He serviced 100 accounts in 3 days and somehow sold Frava into a Chinese restaurant. It remains to be seen if our sweet nectar will move in said restaurant, but the mere fact that he successfully pitched caffeinated fruit juice to a sit-down Chinese joint (without speaking the language) is a testament to Scott’s selling prowess.

Scotty "Samples" Goldman going harder than anyone's ever gone before

Scotty “Samples” Goldman going harder than anyone’s ever gone before

There’s tons of other stuff going on but I’ll save that for our next entry (on a night when Game of Thrones isn’t on). Until then, stay caffeinated.




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Marching On

Greetings Frava Nation,
As per usual, things have been crazy over here. At some point we will have to come to terms with the fact that ‘crazy’ is normalcy, and I think that point is fast approaching. In any event, we’ve got a ton of good stuff to report. Before I do that, I just wanted to thank those of you that have played a part in our rise in popularity over social media. All the liking and commenting you do on our Facebook and Instagram posts, and all of your Tweets and retweets mean a ton to us, so please keep them coming. To those who haven’t been part of the conversation, it’s never too late to start.
borodkin monte release
Speaking of starting, let’s start with the big picture stuff. We’ve gotten to the point where it’s no longer feasible for us to service all of our accounts. On the surface that may seem like a problem, but in reality, it’s perhaps one of the best problems to face as a new beverage company. In fact, its not really a problem, but more the inevitable next step as we build the brand and demand for our sweet nectar continues to rise. As a side note, the fact that we’ve come to this point in just a matter of months is a testament not just to the product we have, but the people we have in place. What this means is that we’ll be bringing on a major distributor at some point soon (spoiler alert–very soon) and this decision is arguably one of our more important ones to date. We’ve had meetings with several of the largest distributors in the Tri-State Area over the past month and it’s really encouraging to know that the majority of them wanted to bring us on board. We expect to make an announcement on this in the next week or two.
Hopefully you’ve realized by now that Frava isn’t led by a bunch of 50-something ‘suits’. Most of us are pretty darn young and all of us lack shame. We see all of this as a distinct advantage, especially when it comes to keeping you engaged. With that in mind, we’ll be rolling out a couple things that if nothing else, should grab your attention. Namely, we bought some cameras and plan to make a habit of filming shorts that do everything from educate you to make you laugh, and maybe even cause you to question how we’ve gotten even this far. Our first feature is our own take on March Madness, aptly titled “Caffeine Madness”, which is a 16 product showcase to determine once and for all the grossest caffeinated beverage on the market (the market being whatever our beloved intern, Mark Chu could find in two hours). Get your popcorn ready, because the first installment of “Caffeine Madness” will go live later today.
Lot’s more exciting stuff on the horizon involving Colgate University, new hires, advertisements, and special events.
Stay tuned. Stay caffeinated.
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Scott Goldman, King of Long Island

Frava Nation,

Don’t you think it’s time for Frava to show a little school spirit? We certainly do. Lately, Colgate grads have been flocking to work at Frava at the rate of 1 every 2 months, and we hope to continue attracting ‘gate’s best and brightest. What better way to do so than by flaunting our wares at a high-profile Colgate athletic event?

This Sunday, Frava is rolling out the red carpet for the ‘Gate men’s lacrosse team in their game against Michigan in the first annual Metropolitan Lacrosse Classic at Citi Field. As a new resident of NYC, I think it will be refreshing to finally see a playoff-caliber team play in the new stadium. Please come and join us in Lot 12 for some tailgating and free samples before the game.

While the Colgate crew has been planning tailgates, jetting off to Trump Doral in Miami, and getting first tracks up at Wachusett Mountain, there is one man amongst boys that has stood his ground and absolutely dominated sales in his territory. In our eyes, Scott Goldman is the King of Long Island. Last week alone, Scott serviced over 70 accounts in Long Island. In fact, Scott handles over half of all the Frava accounts.



In a single day, Scott has been known to cover thousands (and sometimes millions) of miles in the Frava mobile, dropping off reorders, organizing samplings, and maintaining lasting relationships with countless small business owners in Long Island. As we scale up, Scott is going to be instrumental in helping to train future generations of samplers and sales reps. Thank you from all of us for your hard work, Scott. You da man!

In no small part due to Scott’s tireless efforts, Frava is gaining some substantial brand equity. This week, we were featured in an article on Ever heard of it? The publicity has caused a surge of interest in our beverage and has driven ecommerce sales to an all-time high. Now that we have the Forbes seal of approval, even Joe Schmo from Idaho is ordering Frava online. Thanks Joe! I know you’re gonna love it.



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Frava Nation,

Last week, Frava added another Colgate grad to fold in Connor Feuille ‘12. He will be helping out in Business Development for the next few months before heading off to Stanford Law School in August. In the short time that he has been here, Connor has already proved to be a huge asset. As he hails from San Fran, it is no surprise that he exudes entrepreneurial innovation and CALI SWAG.

More importantly, Connor goes hard in the paint, and he has the scars to prove it. While running promotional events at Wachusett Mountain this past weekend, Connor and I donned our Frava gear and hit the terrain park hard. These pictures should give you an idea of just how hard Connor hit it… If we included the picture of his xray, you’d be able to see that one of his ribs is fractured. We definitely learned the hard way that we are getting to old for such behavior.

Connor's Ribs

While we were up North in snow country, Alex and Evan were living “La Vida Frava” down in Miami at the World Golf Championships at Trump Doral thanks to the generous folks at P&G. Stay tuned for more info on their hugely successful trip.

Despite all of our jet setting, we have also had an eventful few weeks in NYC, kicking things off at Union Square Lounge to celebrate the release of Monte’s Binary EP. With free music and free Frava, how could it not be a success?!?

Frava also sponsored Columbia men’s basketball in their final home game of the season. Columbia fans showed up in full force, and despite dropping a closely contested game to Brown, they were in great spirits throughout the night. Our very own Alex Portin received recognition from Columbia Athletic Director Barry Neuberger for all his hard work in running the promotion. I believe it is the first award of any kind that Alex has received since being voted best teammate on his U-11 soccer team.

Speaking of accolades, Frava has been featured in an article on (ever heard of it?). Click the link to check it out. And, as always DRINK FRAVA!



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Frava Hits the Slopes, Turntables, Basketball Court

Frava Nation,

Wazzaaahhhh? I’m feeling pumped up right now because Frava is finally available to the masses in my home state of MA. Well, to the skiing and boarding masses at least. I personally stocked the dining facilities at Wachusett Mountain last Thursday, and the bottles are flying off the shelves despite the fact that 99.9% of Massachusetts residents have never even heard of Frava. F their life, right? Today, I ended a great day of skiing with a re-order for 20 more cases. Thank you to all the staff and patrons of Wachusett for a great first week of business!


To all you corporate Schmos and bookworms out there, have no fear. Frava will soon be available through the Massachusetts corporate and school catering company, Smart Lunches, and their high-end, healthy vending service, Smart Snax.

Team Frava is just warming up in Massachusetts, but we are on fire in NYC! Last week we had a great time shaking hands and dishing out product at Columbia as their men’s basketball team took on Princeton. We’ll be the title sponsor of this Saturday’s home finale against Brown (7pm), so be sure to drop by for drinks on us, even if you don’t plan on staying for the game. Also, on Thursday we are sponsoring Columbia University’s annual Chinese Student Club Lunar Gala.  This picture is from the basketball game, not last year’s Lunar Gala, if you were wondering…


The excitement doesn’t end there. Far from it! This Friday (March 1), we are working with Monte, one of NYC’s best up and coming DJs/Producers, to sponsor his E.P. Release Show at Union Square Lounge. It’s only a matter of time before he blows up and we are psyched to be a part of his ascension to the top of the EDM scene. You can get a free download of Monte’s E.P., Binary, at his website. Plus, check out how fresh he looks in these Frava threads!


Since we are ever so young and hip, we continue to mix it up in the social media field. As many of you already know, the F Your Life Campaign has produced some great pictures:




Thanks for those and congrats to all the lucky winners. Keep ’em comin’ guys and gals. More recently, we have launched a Twitter-based campaign called #FravaFacts. Here’s the catch. Rather than facts about Frava, we tweet completely random facts and then slap our genius hashtag on the end. It isn’t about whether you like seeing that sort of nonsense on your Twitter feed. We just don’t want to live in a world in which people have no clue how many calories they are consuming when they lick a stamp (0.1), or what percentage of the world’s population has naturally red hair (4%). Keep an eye out for future #FravaFacts peppered in amongst our more practical Tweets.

And, as always, DRINK FRAVA. Stay classy, Frava Nation!



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